About us

SmileNow believes in the power of a healthy, charismatic and brilliant smile as one of the true wealths in life.

As the first cosmetic teeth whitening bar in Luxembourg, SmileNow is focused on perfect bleaching, offering a professional and safe service to its customers.

Located in the heart of Luxembourg, you’ll be welcomed in a relaxed atmosphere, allowing you to whiten your teeth at affordable prices.

Choose your Smile

Simple Smile

40 Minutes


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Simple Smile

up to 2 levels whiter
2x use of gel
40 minutes session

Happy Smile

60 Minutes


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Happy Smile

up to 5 levels whiter
3x use of gel
60 minutes session
An icon of a sparkling diamond, representing the main teeth-whitening option.

Diamond Smile

100 Minutes


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Diamond Smile

up to 9 levels whiter
5x use of gel
100 minutes session

White Smile

80 Minutes


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White Smile

up to 8 levels whiter
4x use of gel
80 minutes session

*We also have a special offer, if you already have whitened your teeth with us:
Refresh your smile - 20 Minutes for 59,99€.

The Power of light

The used product is tooth-friendly and is activated by a special LED lamp. Depending on the chosen package, your teeth will whiten up to 9 shades. Our Bleaching Gel contains whitening ingredients that are activated by an LED light. The gel and the LED light do not damage the oral flora and do not irritate the gums. The treatment is absolutely painless and has no side effects.

The Process

Whitening Gel

LED lights

An icon of a sparkling diamond, representing the main teeth-whitening option.

Find out the detailed process here.

See the difference

After the bleaching period, depending on your package, we check together the result. If wished, a subsequent following bleaching can be done.

You now have 2-9 shades, depending on the SmilePackage, of whither and brighter teeth.

We offer a„refresh your smile“-package, which gives you the opportunity to make an appointment right away for after 6 months to refresh your smile for a reduced price.

Quick and easy

It's really easy and convenient to directly book your appointment online for your exclusive teeth whitening session. Just press the button below and you will be redirected to our partner's site. Make sure to check out our social media for special offers.